24 HOUR SIGNAL RECEPTION CENTER 2018-01-24T12:32:11+03:00


The Signal Reception Center is equipped with state-of-the-art reception programs in order to process, analyze them and inform the authorities and the competent persons.

  • Lock – Unlock

A check is performed after every lock or unlock with user identification.

  • Burglary

In this case, the Police or our company’s patrol car are informed instantly, as well as the persons responsible for the facility.

  • Panic button

In case it is pressed by the user, the Police is informed instantly.

  • Power Outage

The user is informed instantly or 2 hours after the power outage.

  • Phone line and Security System Proper Operation check

The center receives a proper operation signal every 24 hours. This can be adjusted for shorter intervals or with other means, together with the phone line check by installing GSM, GPRS or IP. This way, any failure possible in the phone line of the customer can be tracked.

  • Unlock under threat

The proper actions are taken instantly by the Signal Reception Center.

  • Actions Dispatch and Monitoring

Each month, the customer may ask for a monthly status of all signals recorded in his/her facility.

  • Complete Security – Communication

Ensure – shield your facility in case of failure of your line.